Christmas Decorations on the Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt © Charley/Flickr

Nuremberg, Germany is home of famous Christkindlmarkt, celebrating festive holiday spirit for the entire family. Franconian Capital hosts a traditional celebration.

German Christmas Markets, called Christkindlmarkt, are a holiday tradition that goes back over 400 years. Outdoor markets were held all year long in every village, town and region, giving townspeople a chance to buy and sell wares.The Christmas Market was especially beloved,as it brought light and color into a cold, grim season.

What started as a practical market has become a joyous holiday tradition, celebrated throughout Germany. Markets have continued into modern times, bringing an Old World ambiance into town squares throughout Germany. Nuremberg, called Christmas City, is home to one of the most famous markets in Germany.

Christkindlmarkt runs nearly concurrently with the Advent season, the four weeks before Christmas. The market in Nuremberg continues until Christmas Eve this year.

Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt © Charley/Flickr

Christkindl, The Christmas Angel

The month long celebration is filled with holiday tradition. The market is opened with a pronouncement by Christkindl, the Christmas Angel. Christkindl is garbed in white and gold, with a golden crown. Christkindl makes over 150 appearances during the season, to charitable institutions, hospitals, retirement homes and schools. The Nurnburg Chriskindl also acts as ambassador to sister cities. The Christkindl from the previous year visits Chicago, Illinois in the USA for their version of the Nurnberg Christkindlmarkt. Christkindl also pays regular visits to Nuremberg’s Scottish sister city, Glasgow.


Christkindlmarkt: a Family Celebration

The main market square of the historic Old Town is filled with tented booths and the fragrances of mulled wine, spiced nuts and sizzling sausages. Booths are filled with traditional, hand made products, including ornaments, carved wood figures, nutcrackers, smokers, decorative glass, lace, toys and more.

Nuremberg at Night during Christmas © Barniz/Flickr

The Children’s Christmas is on Hans-Sachs-Platz, just around the corner from Christkndlmarkt. Children revel in a magical fairyland, with a two tiered carousel with nostalgic Father Christmas and sleighs on it. Children take part in many activities, including hand-crafts in small stalls. Handicrafts include baking, candle pulling, glass workshop and woodworking. The Star House (Sternenhaus), located across the street from Children’s Christmas, features surprises and activities, with more than 100 events. Christkindl visits Star House daily for a fairytale hour.

The International Sister Cities Market brings in representatives from regions from around the world. Stroll past the booths to see products from diverse regions in Europe, China, South America and the USA

Creches in Nuremburg

Creches are an important Christmas tradition in Germany. The Exhibition of Creches is held at St. Egidien Protestant Baroque Church and at the Craftsmen’s Courtyard at the foot of the massive tower at Konisgstor. The tower is ablaze with lights.

Nuremberg Churches

Old Town churches are a treasure, with historical architecture and impressive art treasures. Churches offer Advent tours, tower tours and concerts in keeping with the season.

There are Christkindmarkt celebrations Germany during the Advent season. the Bavarian city of Munich also holds a large market. German Christkindlmarkt History goes back over 400 years.